Towkio is an integral member Chicago’s rambunctious and diverse SaveMoney collective. Easily recognized as the most outlandish one of an already eclectic group, which counts genre-bending acts like Chance the Rapper and Vic Mensa amongst its ranks, Towkio creates music that is at once sonically pleasing and foot-movingly up-tempo. Signed by Rick Rubin to American Recordings, his signature style is found within his music’s production: eclectic, unconventional and characterized by a hallucinatory, genre-blending sound that sits at the intersection of dance and hip-hop. By rapping over emotion-provoking production and layering his unique vocals on top of it all, Towkio’s sound is a progressive one that plays off the collective’s mission by creating yet another fresh take on rap within Chicago’s recent hip-hop renaissance. A veteran of the local music scene, Towkio has incubated his aesthetic in Chicago for some time and recently sold out Lincoln Hall with a live show that packs energy and bars into a fully-fledged performance that leaves fans new and old wanting more. The 21-year-old released his full-length tape, .Wav Theory, in April of 2015. He is prepping to release debut LP on American in September 2017.

.Wav Theory is a concept album revolving the idea that energies travel in waves. These waves are invisible yet tangible and surround us at all times. Each song is focused on sound, breaking down the barrier of language to transmit a message or emotion. .Wav Theory is an introduction to a way of living, coexisting in both realities. First teased by the release of the lead single “Involved”.


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