OG Maco, was born and raised in the College Park neighborhood of South Atlanta . Maco is of Nigerian descent and grew up listening to his father rock out to the tunes of Black Sabbath and Phil Collins. Maco’s parents raised him to be independent and wise beyond his years. During and after graduation from high school, Maco had to start providing for himself and deemed Southside Atlanta and Old Forth Ward his stomping grounds. At this time he listened to the then current hip hop music and punk rock. Upon the return from incarceration and the unfortunate passing of good friend/mentor Joshua “Splurge” Alexis in 2012, Maco saw music as his outlet and began to tell his story. He dabbles into the genres of music from his past and creates an amazing blend. March 2014 the “Live Life” tape is born. Giving us hits like “Road Running” and “Slim Thugga” to rock the the metro ATL college scene. During this time he also joined Brylan Kerr & DJ Bluetooth to begin the company we today know as OGG. Summer 2014 OG Maco released the collaborative EP “Give Em Hell” that ignited the viral hit “U Guessed It” topping Billboard Charts. In late August OG Maco signed to the independent label Quality Control Music reigning as the Rockstar of young creatives. Since then, OG Maco has released Live Life 2, OG Maco, Breathe, and YEP (Collaborative EP with Rome Future) making hits, telling his story, and spreading social awareness through music.


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