Lawrence Rothman is a Los Angeles musician with tremendous talent and grand vision. The music of Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Bryan Ferry, the writings of Sam Pink and the art of Mike Kelly are his influences. For his forthcoming debut album Lawrence works with acclaimed producer Justin Raisen (Charli XCX, Sky Ferriera, Ariel Pink, etc) to create an ambitious sound.  Together they made a full scope, genre bending album, recorded in various studios across LA with distinguished musicians from Warpaint, Beck, Autolux, Jack White, John Lennon, the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s (Nick Zinner), etc.  The album also features guest vocals from Angel Olsen, Kim Gordon, Charli XCX, Soko, and Ariel Pink. His videos are shot by revered director Floria Sigismondi, cohesively matching the cinematic scope of his music.  Lawrence is an unusual character whom embodies many alters without much explanation – sometimes an Albino guy or a bald tattooed metal head, a beat up hipster or Elizabeth Taylor – just to preview a few.  It’s rare to have the music, imagery and the compelling lead figure all be outstanding and aligned.  This is the case for Lawrence Rothman. His debut album “The Book of Law” out in 2017 on Downtown Records.

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