Born in Chicago to a multi-ethnic musical family, Holt was raised listening to Led Zeppelin, Smokey Robinson, 2Pac, The Clash, and countless other artists from various genres. He developed a love for art, culture and fashion at a young age which paved the way for his future ventures in music and design.

Holt started out rapping with his friends, eventually taking the name Hollywood Holt. He had a quick blow up early in his rap career, but was not yet fulfilled. He had interests in other types of music but found himself without the ability to make them. “I used to have tons of songs in my head, but since I couldn’t play anything well and I didn’t know how to use programs I was never able to make them.” Holt brought producer Le Fonz into the mix, and was finally able to compose the music he had in his head. Holt ran into Kanye West at a venue in New York and was invited to a studio session. He shared his music with Kanye and the rest is history, Holt signed to West’s G.O.O.D. record label in April of 2014.
Holt is one of the few serious renaissance men in music. He’s a fighter, a formidable rapper, a director and a great entertainer. Holt’s sound is a mix of melodic minimal chords, strings and guitars paired with hard and gritty beats. Heavily influenced by punk rock, gangster rap and everything in between, Holt’s music is a collection of different tastes neatly blended to express his mixed background and innovative spirit.


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