Heartsrevolution are your new favourite band.


Well, there’s a thousand reasons.

Mixing the visual Ker-POW! of Japanese Anime, the grinding discontent of Riot Grrrl and an intelligent disco breakdown , they’ve come to turn your black and white universe to technicolour.

They’ve already been donned the king and queen of Anime trash pop by NME, Vice, Nylon and Bust.

Their new EP ‘Switchblade’ is as dynamic, cut throat and ecstatic as you’d imagine. There’s a million different sonic experiments going on at any one time, thanks to Ben and Lo’s pursuit of the the perfect thrash-pop moment. Gods of all media they were a hit of 2008’s SXSW and their video for Choose Your Own Adventure has had over 300,000 view on YouTube.

The two bonded over a mutual love of Bowie, Daft Punk and The Strokes. But their musical brew is not some concoction of the three. It’s a wide screen vision that takes in the belief beauty can be found next to the horrific. A place where the beautiful and brutal sit hand in bloody hand..

Despite releasing a split single with Crystal Castles, Kitsune releasing a single with them and Kate Moross designing artwork for them, don’t attempt to pigeon hole these two trail blazers into a ‘scene’. Because they’re not having any of it.

“Our music does not fit the formula for music that is played a lot in clubs,” they say. “I see the word ‘Electro’ quite a bit but we don’t want to have anything to do with this, because as a whole, the way that this genre is described is something we don’t want to be part of.”

Their mantra of ‘Choose your own adventure’, holds true to this. They are doing whatever the hell they want to do.

To this end they have a fleet of their very own pink Heartrevolution ice cream trucks around- Heartschallengers- spreading their message of freedom and the visual aesthetic of confectionery which informs their work- from their artwork to Lo’s unique stage make up. It’s something which has ingratiated them into the fashion world.

“Fuck the status quo,” they say. “We want to achieve total world domination with the band.”

So then, Heartsrevolution are your new favourite band. And now you know why.




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