BIGBANG’s leader and producer. He is the brain of BIGBANG’s hit songs ‘Lie’, ‘Last Farewell’, ‘Day by Day’ and ‘Tonight’. At age 13 he started training at YG Entertainment to embellish his musical talents. Now he is one of YG’s main producers, contributing greatly to the success of BIGBANG. , his first solo album in 2009, sold nearly 300,000 copies, breaking the record for most copies sold for a male solo artist of the year. His mini album in 2012 again put him on the path to success, with many produced hit songs from the album. His first solo World Tour concert 2013 WORLD TOUR from March to September 2013 was when 8 years of hard work paid off, joined by 570,000 enthusiastic international fans. Wrapping up the 7-month-long World Tour in huge success, he moved on to release his 2nd regular album after 4 years of preparation. His outstanding musical talents are now greatly recognized by the public. Many evaluate his latest album as a masterpiece, as it focuses on the growth of G-DRAGON rather than his transformation. As he says it himself in his songs, everything G-DRAGON does becomes a trend and a sensation. Time after time he has proved that the phenomenon is not temporary. G-DRAGON is now a cultural icon that stands at the epitome the 21st century.


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