Though the name of Chicago six-piece experimental ensemble BLOODIEST might trick you into thinking that the band’s interests lie with gore-obsessed death metal, that couldn’t be farther from the reality of things. And that’s just the way the band likes it – while BLOODIEST might toe the lines of countless extreme metal genres and are run through with dark imagery, the band members don’t even consider BLOODIEST a metal band. In one sense, that’s totally accurate – there are no blast beats, no subterranean gutturals in the band’s music, and its members have played in Russian Circles, Corrections House, and Yakuza among others – but while BLOODIEST’s exterior might not be strictly metal, the energy, heaviness, and intensity the band conveys undoubtedly are.

Unlike experimental acts that seek to add spice to their metal via elements of other styles, BLOODIEST take the opposite approach. The band uses metal to sharpen its attack, which at its core is composed more of rock and avant-garde themes than extreme metal.



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