16-year old Bishop Nehru falls in the category of the new wave of young NY MC’s on the rise- a young cat with an old school flow and complex lyrics & rhyme schemes. The young NY native is more than just a rapper though – he also produces music, as well as directs and edits videos – he does a lot of his own production and videos. Bishop is set to release his follow up mixtape to his critically acclaimed “Nehruvia” mixtape with a scheduled release of “strictlyFLOWZ” mixtape hosted by Peter Rosenberg & DJ Semtex July 23rd. Bishop will be supporting Wu-Tang on their 20th Anniversary tour this Summer.

Bishop chose his name from inspiration taken from Tupac’s character in the movie “Juice,” noting that the character of Bishop inspires him “to go out and get mine, you’ve got to earn respect.” The Nehru is taken from the the former prime minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, who worked closely with legendary peacemaker Ghandi but never got the credit for his work.




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