BIGBANG consisting of G-DRAGON, TAEYANG, T.O.P, DAESUNG and SEUNGRI have been showcasing countless hit songs since their debut in 2006 with tracks like “LIES,” “LAST FAREWELL,” “FANTASTIC BABY,” and “BAD BOY.” They are the backbone of K-Pop. Since their debut, they have shown their enormous potential by self-producing unique music that everyone can enjoy. Their talents go beyond music and stand out as solo artists as well.

For the first time in 3 years since ALIVE, the quintet is back as MADE. They kicked off with “M” in May 2015. The MADE album is being unveiled to the public in a unique release schedule in which two tracks are released every month in mini albums.. This strategy is returning to their initial roots when they first debuted and released a single every month. It is a replay of what happened 9 years ago. And this determined band once again stands at the top through “LOSER” and “BAE BAE” of Album “M” of the MADE SERIES.

Even before the heat of May faded, they returned again on June 1, 2015 with their second album “A.” For the entire month of June, their two tracks “BANG BANG BANG” and “WE LIKE 2 PARTY” filled the beginning of summer with two hot yet greatly liberating songs.

A month later, on July 1, the third piece “D” was uncovered. “IF YOU” and “SOBER” from the album triggered the untouched sentiments while also washing away the summer heat.

And then came August. Last but not least, album “E” is to complete the MADE SERIES and it will be unveiled. Through “M”, “A” and “D”, BIGBANG proved that their musical talents never cease to grow, and through “E” they are ready to raise the bar once again.

“E” will be quite different to “M”, “A” and “D”, so let’s wait and see how BIGBANG evolves. The WORLD TOUR “MADE” that kick started in Seoul will be an opportunity for the quintet to bond with their international fans.


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