Driving Chef Beverly’s culinary skill is an energized passion for her craft, applied with a cultivated hand that transforms fresh ingredients into fine cuisine. She has enjoyed an illustrious career thus far, working at some of the city’s premiere restaurants and hotels. After graduating from the Kendall College with an Associate Degree in Culinary Arts, Chef Beverly began work as a line cook at the Ritz-Carlton Chicago, followed by time at Charlie Trotter’s. It was actually the legendary Chef Sarah Stegner, of Prairie Grass Café and formerly The Ritz-Carlton Chicago Dining Room, who encouraged Beverly to pursue a degree at Kendall College as a means to hone her culinary skills and techniques.

Following her time at school, Chef Beverly surveyed a number of courses on Asian cuisine in Seoul, Korea. Chef Beverly’s respect for the culture of Pan-Asian cooking is what gives her culinary creations a decidedly contemporary taste and edge.

In the years following, Chef Beverly worked at Chicago’s Red Light under the notable Chef Jackie Shen, Opera and Takashi, respectively, before moving to Cincinnati, Ohio. There she lent her expertise to Whole Foods, as a supervisor and then as a consultant at Lucky John Market. Finally, she was the Executive Chef of Aria Restaurant and Bar.

Influenced by her mother’s cooking, Chef Beverly’s culinary style is guided by the idea of adding a new twist to traditional Asian cuisine. She incorporates many locally sourced products within the menus, including items from Green City Market and artisan cheese makers.