BEA1991 is a British-Dutch singer and songwriter based in Amsterdam. After finishing high school, BEA started writing, recording and uploading songs written over instrumentals by artists she liked, capturing the attention of producer Tim Van Berkestijn, who took her under his wing. “Breadwinner,” their debut collaboration, arrived in 2014, arresting listeners with its uneasy mood, loungey rhythms and her unmistakable voice. An EP, “Good Thinking,” followed later that year, accompanied by a striking visual trail of press shots and visual clips. Understated, sensuous, and elegant, they play out as the diary of a surrealist spa-wellness practitioner in solitude, floating through a misty ether.

In June 2015, she put out a collection of material recorded prior to the EP in a free download aptly titled “songs of 2k11.” Eschewing typical release schedules and formats, she strives for unmitigated control of her music and its presentation. In a musical climate saturated by the familiar, BEA1991 feels like a breath of fresh air.

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