Bars of Gold are a five piece exuberant indie rock band that started in 2008, right outside of Detroit.   Morphing from the instrumental freak-out, fake-free jazz, anti-band, Wildcatting, into something…different, with the addition of singer/guitarist, Marc Paffi (formerly of bear vs. shark).   Still adhering to much of the philosophy for the more manic Wildcatting- raucous, noisy and loose – Bars of Gold is more focused, structured, groovier and melodic.

The Story of our Second Record.

Collectively, all being friends for a various number of years, we started in 2008, with the expectation that every band has – practice, make songs, keep going. We quickly wrote and recorded a debut album, releasing it in the summer of 2010. Unfortunately, a snag hit tour plans.  While releasing the first record, our drummer moved 9 hours/4 states away due to economic circumstances.  Normally, the logical and really, most rational thing to do is to find another drummer in town or just quit (get out while you can). This is not what we did.

We found a way to make it work.  The drummer found various ways to get to practice once a month-ish.  The band would all meet in the northern Pennsylvania, to a secluded cabin owned by Ben Audette’s family, in order to write songs.  Song ideas were recorded & sent back & forth via the internet from one side of the time zone to the other.  Skype accounts were abused.   Songs were pondered for weeks, sometimes months, but always had to be written quickly, as practice with everyone in the same room was a scarcity.

For roughly two years, we hobbled like this, scrapping together what we could.  Making songs, or fragments of songs and then wait, sometimes more than a month until we could pick up whatever idea back up again.  It took two years of writing in this way, a way none of us were, even minutely comfortable with.  Changing things, tweaking ideas, took weeks, but in the end – we finished it.   The drummer moved back.   The band started practicing again.  We recorded with our old friend Chris Koltay (who has made so many great records recently – Akron/Family, the Dirtbombs/ Childbite, etc.) in his studio in Detroit.   Now we make songs & keep going.




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