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For 22 years we have been breaking unknown artists and advancing the established with dynamic publicity campaigns spanning magazines, blogs, socials, TV, and brands. If we love what you do in music, art, sports, film, tech, tv, politics or whatever your genre, then we will conspire and collaborate with teams big or small to get you where you want to be.  We have garnered a strong reputation and repped a wide array of indie and major artists over the years, including Daft Punk, Skrillex, Migos, Run The Jewels, J. Cole, Justin Bieber, Diplo, Lauryn Hill, Sampha, Miguel, A$AP Rocky, etc. Early days we repped labels such as Vice, Def Jux, Fool’s Gold, Mad Decent, Quality Control, and OWSLA.

From kids in their bedroom eventually becoming global stadium stars to already established icons reinventing themselves and becoming relevant again. We love a come-up story and a makeover.  We also care about humanity along with your health and happiness, so our approach can be fuller than just picking your press targets and sending an update. We want people to thrive fully.

Owner Kathryn Frazier has been in the game 25+ years and has created another branch (post additional schooling) of personal and professional coaching to help get the best version of yourself/your career. Another facet offered is consulting, which we currently do for Google, Techstars, WEAV and Dash Radio.


In 1996, Kathryn Frazier founded the company in Chicago in a bedroom next to an actual closet upstairs at The Empty Bottle. Today Biz 3 has a staff of national publicists in Chicago and Los Angeles, working with a diverse roster of over 200 bands, rappers, authors, filmmakers and visual artists. Biz 3 takes great pride in their work and treats every campaign with an equal amount of enthusiastic creative vigor, integrity, and determination. We stand out amongst our peers for continually pushing our projects in the spotlight indefinitely, continuing past when we see a campaign has run its course.  We dig into press but also jump to bring in creative directors, brand sponsorship, or syncs. Our approach is whatever it takes to get where you want to be. We work outside the usual PR scope and use our collective years of contacts and knowledge to help push a client to their full potential.

Biz 3 has a reputation for being selective (we turn down a lot of projects from majors and indies) and a track record for breaking unknown groups that previously had no press, turning them into critical darlings. The Biz 3 roster is exceptionally diverse from rap to pop to experimental to metal. Many of our artists enjoy large national features, covers of mags, late night TV, etc. Biz 3’s client base long ago expanded beyond music and we now handle key press for sports, tech, restaurants and chefs, film, books, festivals, parties, and marketing events.

In 2011, Kathryn co-founded an independent record label, OWSLA, with Skrillex, Tim Smith of the Blood Company, and Biz 3 National Publicist Clayton Blaha.

In 2013, long-time publicist Dana Meyerson became a partner to begin a management arm of the company. Dana has independently consulted and done A&R for Mom & Pop and OWSLA.

The future of Biz 3 will continue to push the boundaries of a traditional press company with the expansion of consulting and coaching services.

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Kathryn Frazier


Dana Meyerson


Brett Buren

National Publicist

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Project Manager

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Ryan Cunningham

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National Publicist

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